The Local Capacities for Peace (LCP) concept has also been developed based on the best practices of the previous project phases. It aims at strengthening the local capacities for peace at grassroots level, through structured follow-up of the Roots PWI alumni and continued cross-border and regional cooperation further opening up the capacities built and benefits created by the Roots so far, both human resources and assets considered.

The key activities within this category are as follows:

  • Annual LCP award projects granted and sub-contracted to selected best project participant / partner organisation from the target region.
  • Annual one-week-long residential LCP Programme Festivals (ProFests), designed for 40 conflict affected young people and facilitated by the alumni of the Roots PWI previous generations.

The Local Capacities for Peace Award is designed to encourage the Roots’ local partners to get deeper engaged in conflict transformation work, to celebrate peace as the YMCA organisational culture and strategic priority. A committee will be established to develop the criteria and procedures, based on which project partner organisations will be encouraged to nominate candidates for the prize. The committee will be composed of people actively involved in the Roots, including PWI alumni.

The LCP Award projects are estimated to enrol at least 100 participants as direct beneficiaries, with 3 possible cross-border or regional activity scenarios, such as youth peace camps and reunions, summer academies and day schools, exchange and study visits, refugee or IDP rehabilitation initiatives, etc.. However, further tailoring of these scenarios is primarily subject to choices made by the applicants themselves.

Local Capacities for Peace Award 2020

Local Capacities for Peace Award 2021