• Start: December 8, 2019 8:00 am
  • End: December 12, 2019 6:00 pm

Rue Joseph Plateau 2, Belgium

The expected outcomes of the workshop, are:

  1. Reflecting on the Roots external assessment report, including recommendations for the implementation of the next phase. .
  2. Presenting the PWI Guidebook as a methodological base for the next project phase and resource to share within the YMCA Movement and beyond. .
  3. Looking at YMCA Europe Strategy, and the place of Peace as a priority in it. Documents to work with – YMCA Europe Strategy and Policy Paper on Peace and Justice.
  4. Make a RPP analyses for the global YMCA.
  5. Exposure of the Roots in the EU institution and the other way around.

We expect 20 – 25 participants for the workshop, all of them key project actors or stakeholder, including selected senior staff or volunteers from project partner NMs (Germany, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Kosovo, Artsakh, Georgia, Armenia), YE, WAY and other Area Alliances staff, our ExCom members, reps of project founding partners (BfdW, CoE) and European institutions. There will be also a reception part of the event, open to a wider audience both from NGOs based in Brussels as well as to EU and EC influencers. The event will be co-facilitated by a number of external experts.