Reflecting on Peace Practice Process

The Roots for Reconciliation previous two phases has gone externally facilitated outcome evaluations and impact assessment due processes. Instead of repeating the same for this phase, YMCA Europe plans to rather go for a reflecting process on its peace practices in general, the RfR as a central element in this. Through this the theory of change of the entire RfR initiative will be analysed and follow-up YMCA Europe conflict transformation work strategized and whereby possible fine-tuned.

The Reflecting on Peace Practice Process (RPP) process assumes 3 stages, starting already during the project year 3 and going through the project year 4. Namely:

  • Active listening, where the external expert observes internal evaluation structured process of the RfR 2020 components taking place during the Peace Work Institute Reunion and the final Programme Forum and together involving 60 project participants as focus groups;
  • Additional data generation, where the external expert collects supplementary information from the project key stakeholders and beneficiaries and collates them into findings and recommendations;
  • RPP workshop, where facilitated by the external expert some 30 RfR key activists will be gathered to analyse the results of the process and come up with follow-up vision and strategies. A special steering group will be set up to assist the external expert in planning and delivering the workshop. It is also expected that this workshop will be a place where YMCA peace-work so far is celebrated.

This process should create answers to the following key questions related to further YMCA peace-work:

  • What should we work on? Which of the issues or conflict factors is a priority?
  • Who should we work with? Which actors/stakeholders are most important?
  • Why should we work on that issue with those people? Is the rationale for our chosen approach solid?