be a voice 25 sept 1

“Be a Voice, not an Echo” Study Session Planning Team Online Meeting

The preparations for the Roots International Program Festival “Be a Voice, not an Echo” to be held in cooperation with the Council of Europe at European Youth Center Budapest (EYCB) on November 29-December 05, 2020 continue in full mode – despite the uncertainty with COVID19 still gripping tight the entire European Continent. The Planning Team […]


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The YMCA has historically assumed working in and with conflicts as central to its service delivery. Committed to our roots and legacy the YMCA Europe pursues peace and reconciliation as a strategic priority.

The Roots for Peace programme, ongoing since 2007, remains a best practice in this line. In the framework of this initiative the Peace Work Institute scheme was piloted during 2012 – 2015 and approvingly evaluated by an externally facilitated outcome assessment process.

This evidence-based evaluation highly recommends the YMCA Europe to repeat the series of the Peace Work Institute for the next generation of the YMCA pan-European peace-cohort.