Back to Ukraine, back to “Path to Peace” project!

I am a person who among the team passed through different trainings during last 3 years within the framework of YMCA Europe Roots for Reconciliation project Peace Work Institute and I am here as a trainer myself. Now, it is time to share what I have learned and experienced during previous years. That is why I was invited by YMCA Ukraine to be part of their project and to share my knowledge.


The project “Path to Peace” of YMCA Ukraine is somehow the continuation of Roots for Reconciliation, however, it is not in the frames of RfR. “Path to Peace” was designed in the same way as the Peace Work Iinstitute of the Roots, but it is on the national level and smaller. We started with the training, which took place in Truskavets, Ukraine in October 2015. The main purpose of the training was to give knowledge and show how the projects can be implemented in the conflict situations, with people from different backgrounds and way of thinking. And as a result the participants should be enabled to organize specific mini-project(s) with the theme of peace in their local communities and organizations.


Mini-projects of the local YMCAs in different parts of Ukraine with participation of IDPs were carried out during November and December. And now in January 2016, we are together again to share what was done and to evaluate the whole project.


For the evaluation reunion I tried to use my knowledge in “evaluation and assessment” which I gained during the PWIs as well.


We had very good results. All 7 local YMCAs implemented their mini-projects and shared their results with everyone during this meeting. For the evaluation we prepared questions for questionnaires and interviews. And later on the interviews were done by the participants. The results of the interviews and questionnaires will help to analyze the results and impact of the project on participants, beneficiaries and the local YMCAs. For all the stages of the project the trainers used the experience and succeeded tools of the RfR and especially PWI reunions.

It was my pleasure to be part of these and to see how the great project called Roots for Reconciliation has its impact and continuation in the country, which became involved in it recently.

Article by Lusine Vardanyan, YMCA Armenia

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