The unique YMCA Europe project “Roots for Reconciliation”

20-26 October, Armenia, Yerevan: Roots for Reconciliation Outcome Evaluation and Impact Assessment Workshop.


Yerevan met YMCA Europe Staff with a sunny October weather. A season for pomegranates and time to review. It was the meeting to evaluate the results of a unique YMCA Europe project “Roots for reconciliation”. Young people from different conflict zones of Europe, from different parts of “truth” have been getting together to meet, understand each other, start building fragile peace in their hearts. How to evaluate this?


But hearing the success stories about Russian and Georgians, Ukrainians and Russians, Albanians and Serbians working and having fun together, you understand that everything is possible, that roots for peace is here, in YMCA.


An outstanding cosmopolitan art person Sergey Paradjanov said: “I will revenge the world with love”. This person as a symbol of YMCA “Roots for reconciliation” is a sign of multiculturalism, diversity, wish to create, feel and understand this world. And we believe that love which occurs as a root in the hearts of youth will contribute to peace in Europe.

Article by Olga Lukina

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