The Journey Continuous

As I sit here in my room after a long week of reflection and brain storming session’s, It is hard to imagine going back to that place of anxiety 3 years ago when my journey started with Roots for Reconciliation, but also in that place it was impossible to imagine that I would be the person I am today. Imagination is a powerful thing, and it is intriguing in many ways. 

PWI has been the biggest milestone in my life thus far, in fact, I cannot believe the outstanding impact it has had on me.

Now PWI has impacted my life so much, the next question I am faced with is how can I impact others? Through the program I learned how basic civility to others in our community and communities all over the world can make a positive impact which travels further than we can even imagine.

1So what does this mean now? I can execute the life I have only imagined, and that can ultimately impact my decision making for the rest of my life, but what do I do with that to inspire others to reach for the same goals? If I have learned anything from this program it is how inspiration is a powerful tool, and it lies in every aspect of life.

I have come to realise that peacebuilding is not just a job but a personal commitment to contribute to building peaceful communities within our own capacities. I always thought that peace and the issues surrounding it were works meant for the government. But my time with PWI project proved to me that each of us could be a worker for peace. It lies within the artwork we create, within the architecture of every building which surrounds us; it is in our words and in our stories. It is no surprise how everyone has a passion which inspires them to help others or themselves. I can pride myself on the fact that because of PWI, I am inspired to change someone’s life for the better. Not only do I aspire to do so, I have the resources and knowledge to accomplish it because of this program.

I feel so blessed to have been a part of such an amazing journey where strangers met and became family through a bond not by blood but by a stronger family bond build from genuine trust, understanding and acceptance.

The life is short, but the journey is long, we trail blaze, we care, we are inspired, we are agents of change.

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