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Coming from a country like Cyprus with lots of issues, we have realized that if we don’t work all together the situation would not be changed at all. The thoughts of youth people have to change because we have to be more connected and prepared for what future brings. One country – which is surrounded by many of religions and it’s divided in two have lots of different opinions, in a different point of view from all the ages.  

IMG_9105In fact, YMCA gave me the opportunity to enter in one World surrounding with the words of Peace, Love, No hate, Faith and Patience. In the beginning of my involvement in the Roots for Reconciliation project in Yerevan, Armenia, I got lots of ideas and lots of feedback, in which way we could build a “Start line” for the YMCA in Cyprus and how it could be helpful. Also, in which way it could help the Youths and the Community to achieve their goals and change their thoughts, by sharing their thoughts and their own “River of Life” in other communities and different people.

My journey goes on in Strasbourg and in Kosovo, where Despoina joined the YMCA after my feedback and my personal view for it. She found it interesting and she never heard about such movement doing such projects for Peace. It is a great Challenge for us to go through all this Sessions which can give us lots of goods and opportunities. As we begin this process and we learned lots of things like Peace building, the “No hate speech movement”, the Conflicts situations, “River of life” etc, we believe that it will be great to have an organization like this in our Country to support the youth people and the local community.

In our personal opinion, by being involved in such Projects it not only helps you to develop your NGO but also in our daily and personal life. When you have your friends and your family especially to supports you, you can achieve your goals. My family supports me and pushes me to continue it, whatever the result is. If you have the correct people by your side all will be done and achieve your goals.

Christina Kyriakou & Despoina Kyriakou, Cyprus




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