What peace is about…

I just left the farewell party of Peace Work Institute Reunion. I feel so sad that I had to leave those amazing young people. After a week of hard work and concentration, a week of knowing each-other, and now that we finally do, we have to say goodbye. I feel like they were always there, present in my life. Maybe that’s true the story of Fridays 13th. In a day like this I have to say goodbye to some friends who nobody knows if I will meet again.

IMG_9050I am sure I will miss those funny Armenian guys which have made my days here, the amazing couple of Ukrainians, the elegant girls of Serbia, the strong and proud people of Russia. I will also recall in my mind many and many time the stylish people of Turkey, the friendly girls of UK and intelligent and calm boys of North Ireland. I will really miss them as differently from my before life, suddenly I started to feel part of a community, of a group, of YMCA family. You inspired me and the only thing I hate in this life is to say goodbye. I don’t want to leave behind some hard working people full of positive energy, ideas and kindness.

I really don’t want to drawn myself into melancholy but how can I not say thank you for making me feel a valued individual?! Now I feel my voice is heard, I’m empowered by the trust and support you have gave me after every applause or every hug. Now I don’t just know what it means peace, I feel what peace is about. Thank you for giving me good examples that peace is achievable and energy to continue spreading and strengthening peace within my country. Thank you YMCA for giving me the chance to be a better person and to develop my potential freely. Thank you guys and keep up your great job.

Article by Rudina Kapo, Albania


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