Karabakh, First Impressions…

In my last blog, I hoped that I could do my friends in NK justice by telling their story here. Telling the story of what the situation is they face here. As I sit on top of the hotel looking around at the mountains that surround us, think of the hospitality we have been shown here, I just don’t know where to start. When I think of how welcome we have been made to feel, how beautiful the people are, how can I begin to tell their story when I hear of so much pain, of so much pain from so recent pain. 

10544385_552793448155934_3126667168516769925_nWe were sent an email from Vardan a couple of days before we left informing us that recently things had been tense and they had considered abandoning the trip. I didn’t know what I was walking into but I knew I would be in safe hands. To then hear that this is not an isolated incident. The people of NK are not safe; they face the possibility of war everyday from country that is armed much more heavily than them. To hear this story not only from the Speaker of Parliament for NK, but also from your friends. This is difficult. It is emotional.

To hear stories of the war crimes that have happened, that are happening; here in  NK and all over Europe is not an easy task, it is made more difficult when those people are your friends. A completely different outlook on the word, a completely different reality. So many people in UK and Europe take for granted the freedom movement that we have… but to have this removed because of your homeland. This is not a problem isolated to NK but to other non recognised countries in the world. Despite it not being easy to hear these stories, I am looking forward at what is to come under the safe supervision of Davit, Vova and their incredible team.

I continue to be inspired by the work of the YMCA and the people that it attracts. YMCA here is run by volunteers, the YMCA survives because of the dedication of volunteers across Europe and across the globe because they choose the YMCA. There is something special about the people in this movement; my YMCA family.

Source: Rache Dyne via http://ymcagloballink.blogspot.ro/2014/08/first-impressions.html

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