Daranak Center Armenia

Vardenis YMCA Daranak Campsite /Resource Center/ 3-storeyed building was built in 2009 in the scope of the  “YMCA Europe Roots for Reconciliation” project which had the development of the Caucasian Campsites as one of its goals. The building is located in the community of Daranak, which is the geographical center of the Vardenis YMCA beneficiary rural communities and is on the eastern side of Lake Sevan and is 500m away from the lake shore.

Lake Sevan is one of the best sights in Armenia. It is renowned in the world as one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes. The lake is situated at 1896 m above the sea level. That is why tourists wish to visit Lake Sevan and admire its unique natural beauty.

Daranak Resource Center has 2 large rooms with 14 beds in each, 2 double-bed rooms and 2 triple rooms. All the rooms are furnished and the windows open up to the wonderful view of sky-blue Lake Sevan. Each of the rooms has a shared bathroom and toilet.

The reception is on the ground floor. On the ground floor there is also a hall furnished and equipped to be used as a seminar or training space, a kitchen, a dining-hall, as well as a hall for rest with a tennis table and other sports equipment to provide active rest time.


Daranak Resource Center serves all the communities of this region. It implements local and international camping projects, educational and cultural projects. Vardenis YMCA has a significant experience in running camping projects. Our leaders and volunteers as well as program beneficiaries regularly participate in YMCA international, national and local camps and have displayed very active involvement and obtaining enough experience to organize camps.



Daranak Resource Center organizes:

  • Resident and tent Camps
  • Hiking, excursions, tours
  • Events, parties
  • Sports Activities (Outdoor, Indoor)
  • Conferences, forums, round tables
  • Training Sessions
  • Youth International and local camps


 How to Get there?

By car

  • Yerevan-Daranak Campsite highways M14 and M4 /through Shorzha/ 141 km, 2h10 m
  • Yerevan Daranak Campsite highways M 4,M10,M14 /through Gavar/ 194.5km ,2h 35m

Yerevan-Vardenis minibuses run every hour. It is possible to get to Daranak campsite by taxi. 


For more details: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Дарнак,+Армения/Варденис,+Армения


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