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The construction and development of the facility was initiated in 2009 within the framework of YMCA Europe Project – “Roots for reconciliation”. Within the project, development of camping infrastructure as a tool to strengthen the respective YMCAs in the region, – had a pivotal role.

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At the moment, after 5 years of strenuous work and various obstacles, jointly tackled and surpassed by International partners like YMCA Europe, YMCA of the USA, YMCA Germany and others – YMCA Georgia has completed and currently operates multi-functional facility – YMCA Georgia Community Resource Center (CRC) “Camp Orange” that accommodates 48 people and is equipped with conference and dining halls, Sports and recreational facilities, office space and etc…

“Camp Orange” is located in West Georgian resort town of Ureki, near Black Sea, on a hillside surrounded by subtropical vegetation. It is fit to be utilized for conducting camps, reunions, trainings and seminars. It will be not only for the use of YMCA, but the plan is to offer the service of CRC to other organizations as well. It will contribute to the self-sustainability of the Center, as well as YMCA of Georgia.

This offers an excellent opportunity for the further development of the entire YMCA movement in Georgia. Especially when the demand for camping and outdoor education service is quite high from the society and there are very few organizations in the country that deliver permanent camping services. Existing summer camps operate on sporadic basis and serve only specific target groups and purposes.

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The YMCA Georgia Resource Center “Camp Orange” has a great potential to become one of the best camping facilities in the region and can play an important role in strengthening the organizational profile and impact of the YMCA in Georgia on community. The YMCA has a unique opportunity to be a local, national and regional leader in camping because of its strong experience with camps and youth programs and international YMCA partnerships. The YMCA is well known for camping around the world.

The YMCA of Georgia has the motivation and certain capacity to assume this responsibility, especially taking into consideration the big experience that our international movement and local organizations of YMCAs have in this particular field.

Taking the leadership role in providing camping services in the country is a very good foundation:
– To strengthen the entire YMCA movement in Georgia;
– To raise the profile of the organization;
– To eventually acquire self-sustainability.

As there are CRC facilities in Armenia as well, it offers a great opportunity to develop network and joint activities that will further strengthen partnership of YMCA movements in the Region.

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