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YMCA Europe Roots for Reconciliation Project
Peace Work Institute Session III in Strasbourg, France – December 1 – 7, 2013

1479522_635729646468127_2062335563_nAdrian Sheremeti

This was an amazing experience and everyone that was part of the PWI was really collaborative, and for me as a new comer it was really easy to get part of this program.


Darryn Causby

1528570_635730859801339_1533032217_nI enjoyed the week in Strasbourg because I think the project had the right balance between practical tasks and lecture style sessions. I learn better by practically doing something so I benefited greatly from the balance of the sessions. What I would like to have done following our project work sessions in the tandem groups is spent some time looking at and testing various methods for delivering elements of our projects. So if one element of the project is about building relationships in a divided society I would like to have been able to use a practical method to explore this. However overall I got great benefit from the project

1Frah Saeed

A very well organized conference by an outstanding team who themselves are extremely talented. It was extremely professional and gave us a taste of what the world out there is like, The skills gained were very applicable to everyday situations, and It opened doors to new thinking and new opportunities and I am extremely privileged to have been included. Thank you to all the sponsors of the conference and the hard working teams who made it happen and for giving me this opportunity, I have developed so much, and now have a drive to learn even more and deliver the message and do what I can in my means to drive this passion into action.

Ani Kalabegashvili

1486926_635731003134658_2125086143_nRoots for Reconciliation has been a life-changing experience for me. I’ve changed my point of view about a lot of things and i had opportunity to change others point of view too. I met a lot of amazing people and made new friends all over Europe. I hope this project will continue not only with tandem projects but also with unity of all the participants.

1Zura Akhaladze

On the last day of our seminar I said and I will repeat it any time when it is needed that: The finish of the project we participated in, is the beginning of something great, something extraordinary, metaphorically it seems to me that we have just finished the building the ground floor of sky-scraper and by the Tandem-Grant projects we are going to take it to the end. Together, we are going to build the big house where everybody will feel comfortable and respectful!

Ivana Ilic

1497763_635730766468015_1271446218_nA once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a project with such deep meaning and a core mission concerning both young individuals and adults. A learning incubator with people from different parts of the world coming to share various real life stories from which everyone can learn and relate to.

1492679_635735393134219_406128607_oDorina Lluka

It was an excellent experience and I think it was very inspiring to see people from countries that have experience war now working together to make the world a better place. I want to mention here the Balkan team I felt so proud of every one! We have come so far and I’m sure we will continue growing together and always promoting peace, love and care for each other and others.

Marina Martynenko

2Dear ALL! Many thanks for the given opportunity to be there in Strasbourg with you, to really feel that feeling of share, care, commitment to the common idea! That was the best time that we could have right before Christmas. We became much more opened to each other, being truly involved in what we are doing. Can’t wait for the Tandem groups projects to take place. Ready to work on them! Have a great successful, happy and inspiring year! Bless you

3Anastasia Tsygankova

That week was full of warm, support, wisdom words, interesting stories, helpful information and laugh! I’m very thankful for the chance to be there, to meet so many amazing guys and to be the part of This Global movement. It was great to meet people who not only want to change the world and help destitute but do it every day.

Andy Hamilton

4It was great being part of the Roots event in Strasbourg. I really enjoyed making new friends and having significant conversations about conflict in various countries and inspired by how the YMCA was actively facilitating peace work initiatives in post and continuing conflict zones. It was also a great opportunity to share about the cross-community and conflict transformation initiatives that YMCA Ireland has a strong emphasis on.

Davit Melkumyan
I am very pleased by the project, everything was excellent. I liked working and enjoying the good time in such a wonderful atmosphere with such wonderful people.



Alexei Kostyakov

6Great people, great goal. The session helped me to build confidence and establish important contacts for upcoming TG projects and other international programs within YMCA. Thank you!


7Vladimir Ghulyan

I think that we need such kind of projects to unite all the young people in order to be stronger and to live in peace. I liked the project very much and I am happy to have the opportunity to participate in such a project. We really had a good and useful time together and I am looking forward to our reunion and future projects.

Rachel Dyne

8I am biased for this session but I think it was a fantastic session where we, RfR PWI TG’s got to do some serious work and a step towards building bridges in post conflict regions.


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