Great to come back

It is always great to come back to the Roots for Reconciliation project where new knowledge, great new experience, sharing practices, meeting old friends and having good time are very well combined.

rfr1_corelPersonally for me involved as a participant in this project from the very beginning the new phase of RfR project starting from Istanbul is very impressive and eye-opening.

It helped me to overcome myself, my way of thinking, to be more tolerant and open to people from another side of the border. Now I can clearly see that it doesn’t matter where people live, how their country is called, since there are always open-hearted, open-minded, kind people, ready to talk to you and understand your way of thinking and your pain.

After this meeting in Strasbourg, I can say that YES Armenian and Turkish young people can live together as neighbors, can talk to each other openly, can work together and have fun. And I hope that we will be able to continue the good work we started together and to have great results in our TGP and that we can share what we felt with young people from both countries.

I wish good luck to everyone and to us. May God guide us in the great work we are going to do in 2014. And can’t wait for 2015 to meet my old good friends again. Thanks for everything and for the great opportunity. The best is yet to come.

Lusine Vardanyan, YMCA Armenia

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