The end of the road, but the start of the motorway

“The end of the road, but the start of the motorway” After being involved in all three Peace Work Institute sessions it was great to meet with the tandem group and have a concrete plan and proposal for next year.

DSCF7179The tandem group seemed to have a shared understanding and team expectations and i feel the inclusion of the Irish (especially after their presentation) really galvanized the team. Strasbourg had a good mix of people, but i think language was an issue at times which made some activities difficult.

I think also with an established group its easy to forget how important new members are (first time YMCA people) and also the importance of energizers and physical activities. Do No Harm was great for people who had not seen it but having done it in Istanbul and back in Kosovo with my own group i feel i could have done something else instead.

The meal out was terrible however Strasbourg and the Christmas markets created some special memories and compensated for that. The cultural evening was again fantastic, i feel PWI has really set the bar for these events quite high and the “wall of inspiration” was a really fresh and interesting idea. Some of the sessions on our tandem grant felt like we were going backwards but that was due to us doing so much homework between Yerevan and France so not the staff teams fault at all. In fact the Balkan groups for being so organized.

It was great to spend time with the staff team, to be inspired and to contribute. I think if all tandem groups deliver their projects in 2014 the portfolio of work delivered will be difficult for any other ‘voluntary’ organization to compete with and all involved should feel proud!

Adrian Davies, YMCA Kosovo

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