Another interesting week with RFR

We are in Yerevan, Armenia for the last six days and we have two more days to go. In total, we are 30 participants and facilitators from 14 different countries – Cyprus, Romania, Armenia, Kosovo, The Netherlands, Turkey, Georgia, England, Russia, Finland, Bosnia, Macedonia, Nagorno – Kharabakh and Serbia.

2We’ve come here from all over the world to take part in the second part of Roots for Reconciliation project organized by YMCA Europe. On the first day we were divided into home groups and interest groups for different tasks.

The home groups are responsible for time keeping, previous day summarize and review, and also ice-breaker games. The interest groups were divided into hackers, creators and curators by the participant’s area of interest. During the week we learned about Digital Activism (areas of social media), Areas of Peace Work, and Reflective Peace practices. With this theoretical background we were asked to create media content, social media platform outreach and visibility, improve the project website by making it more interactive and visually attractive.

We also had a wonderful Intercultural Evening which we named “Tea Party”. We learned about other cultures and tasted all kinds of tea and traditional sweets from all over Europe. We found lots of similarities and differences. The Leaders of having that wonderful evening were Adi and Rachel (from Kosovo and England) who told us “Why they have chosen to organize the “Tea Party”.

Last but not the least, we have achieved our Goals, expectations from the project and from each other.

At last, today on 15 of June 2013 it’s our last day and there are only few hours to enjoy. We are looking forward to meeting in Strasburg in December for getting more knowledge and experience.

Alexei –  Russia
Nastya –  Russia
Ivana – Serbia
Lusine – Nagorno  Kharabakh
Susanna – Nagorno Kharabakh
Rezi – Georgia
Christina – Cyprus
Lusine – Armenia

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