Peace Work Institute Strasbourg

1I am sitting here, torn between wanting to blog about how wonderful the Peace Work Institute conference has already been or how beautiful  Strasbourg is, or how fortunate and honored I am to be part of such an extraordinary  conference that has the potential to inspire the world and bring change and hope once again.

We took a long and cold walk to explore Strasbourg city yesterday. Strasbourg, France Christmas Market (Christkindelsmärik, capitale de Noël in French) is the oldest one in France. It far exceeded my expectations…All of the buildings had some sort of decoration on them and there were banners leading down streets to other markets.
Strasbourg is a beautiful city with so much to see and the Christmas decorations made it all the more wonderful. As the sun set, the smells of street food and mulled wine embalmed the air while a million tiny twinkling lights set the city off. 
Today we starting working in our tandem groups on our projects “study visit to Karabakh” which is going well so far so good, the context of the project coming together and will have a great potential for both parties.
Young people can make a difference if they come together,reflect and share and act on there ideas, first thing is to change ourselves, then the others will look to us for inspiration and will act. Human potential is amazing… We have the capacity to create a world that is peaceful…one that spreads kindness and love rather than hatred. If we believe it to be so, it will be our truth, and we will create it.

I will leave you with a little saying ” Leave the world a little bit better than you came in to “

Peace and love 

Author: Frah Saeed

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